Welcome to PowerPlatform User Group Kathmandu!

Finally, I was able to organize a PowerPlatform User Group in Kathmandu. The Power community is very much growing in Kathmandu and I’ve met some professionals during community events. However, it’s really tough to have them or anyone we don’t know to connect with each other. So I hope the group will work as a platform to connect everyone. This group is centered around Kathmandu for everyone working in PowerPlatform. We want to bring together everyone working in PowerPlatform in Kathmandu and learn from each other.

Power Platform User Group Kathmandu – Power Platform Community (microsoft.com)

The plan is to meet quarterly, share, go over the latest updates to Power Platform, help new users get started, and explore specific topics in detail. Everyone is welcome to join the event. And feel free to reach out.

Power Platform user group is to gain the education and support you need to build custom business apps that connect to your data and work across web and mobile. Attend in-person meetings where you can work with others in your industry to see how this no code/low code option has transformed the way they do business.