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Honored and grateful! Awarded FastTrack Recognized Solution Architect

Summit Bajracharya is the 2021 FastTrack Recognized Solution Architect

Why and how to use Service principal to trigger PowerAutomate?

CSS in PowerApps

CSS in powerapps

HOW TO: Change Icon Background Color of PowerApps Controls

Changing color of Icon Background of controls in PowerApps Controls

How I created a Piano in PowerApp

Piano in PowerApps

Microsoft Dataverse for Teams and the possibilities it drives

Dataverse for teams

Responsive PowerApps with Layout container

Responsive PowerApps

PowerApps new search experience: What’s exciting about it!

Updates in CDS terminologies and PowerPlatform URLs

Updates in CDS terminologies and PowerPlatform URLs

Signetic for Public Health

Signetic for Public Health (previously Managed Vaccination Solution (MVS)) is the platform selected by the City of Seattle to deliver more than 400k vaccinations. MVS handles appointment management, patient check-in, and state reporting of vaccinations in the most user-friendly ways possible. Please visit us at https://signetic.com to learn more about how we can help you vaccinate more people faster.

Client Program Enrollment

This project was for a non-profit organization where they enroll clients into their programs. For being eligible to be enrolled you need to go through different stages of assessment like checking their household, programs they want to enroll in, their monthly finances, applicants for the grants etc. Based on the data that is provided the organization would enroll the people to their program.

Flow of Client Enrollment App

PowerApps Custom Page for Model-Driven App

A custom page can be used anywhere that supports all pages, such as the main area, dialogs, and the new app side pane. This enables scenarios such as a pixel-perfect landing page with data from throughout the company, data-driven pages that modify the experience based on the data in a record, dialog intended to optimize particular business processes, and productivity tools that assist the app’s core responsibilities.

Summit Bajracharya on The MVP Show

I joined Mark Smith in his MVP Show and chatted about my journey into becoming a Microsoft MVP and a Microsoft FastTrack Solutions Architect. 🔴

For full Show Notes https://podcast.nz365guy.com/315

What You Will Learn:

✅How active I am in sharing my experience on the Microsoft Platform – PowerApps,

✅ Power Automate and Power BI on my YouTube channel

✅ I recently got his MVP award.

✅ How big is the Power Platform in Nepal?

✅ Talks about the company I work for and what they are focus on

✅ How my journey to PowerApps started?

✅ The tools I used in learning PowerApps.

✅ My journey to Microsoft FastTrack Recognized Solutions Architecture

✅ What was involved in my Microsoft FastTrack journey and how did the process take?

✅ The impact of becoming a Microsoft FastTrack Recognized Solutions Architecture

✅ The best part of becoming a Microsoft MVP

✅ Recommendations to people considering becoming a Microsoft FastTrack Architecture and Microsoft MVP

✅ Talks about the Power Platform user group community in Kathmandu.

Support the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/nz365guy)

Print a Screen in PowerApps

The print function allows you to select any screen and fit it to a page in order to send it to a printer for printing or allows you to save it as a PDF file. The different configurations of the screen enable different printing outcomes. For fixed screens, they fit the size of the page, for use of the screen templates/special sized screens, we will fit the content to the size of the print.

Phone Calls From PowerApps…WOW!

It’s as easy as Launch(“tel:/206-206-2062”) for all curious. Demonstrate it to your peers! Let the coworkers jealous by pointing out why they aren’t using PowerApps.

Noobie Learning PowerApps E05: Filter, Search, LookUp with a bit of Delegation

In this episode, we will talk about Filter, Search and LookUp. These functions look up the records in the table that satisfy the formula. We will learn how to use Filter to find records that match one or more conditions and discard the records that do not match, LookUp to find a single record that matches one or more conditions, and Search to looks up a record in the table that contains a string in multiple columns.