PowerApps Custom Page for Model-Driven App

A custom page can be used anywhere that supports all pages, such as the main area, dialogs, and the new app side pane. This enables scenarios such as a pixel-perfect landing page with data from throughout the company, data-driven pages that modify the experience based on the data in a record, dialog intended to optimize particular business processes, and productivity tools that assist the app’s core responsibilities.

Summit Bajracharya on The MVP Show

I joined Mark Smith in his MVP Show and chatted about my journey into becoming a Microsoft MVP and a Microsoft FastTrack Solutions Architect. 🔴

For full Show Notes https://podcast.nz365guy.com/315

What You Will Learn:

✅How active I am in sharing my experience on the Microsoft Platform – PowerApps,

✅ Power Automate and Power BI on my YouTube channel

✅ I recently got his MVP award.

✅ How big is the Power Platform in Nepal?

✅ Talks about the company I work for and what they are focus on

✅ How my journey to PowerApps started?

✅ The tools I used in learning PowerApps.

✅ My journey to Microsoft FastTrack Recognized Solutions Architecture

✅ What was involved in my Microsoft FastTrack journey and how did the process take?

✅ The impact of becoming a Microsoft FastTrack Recognized Solutions Architecture

✅ The best part of becoming a Microsoft MVP

✅ Recommendations to people considering becoming a Microsoft FastTrack Architecture and Microsoft MVP

✅ Talks about the Power Platform user group community in Kathmandu.

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