Signetic for Public Health

Signetic for Public Health (previously Managed Vaccination Solution (MVS)) is the platform selected by the City of Seattle to deliver more than 400k vaccinations. MVS handles appointment management, patient check-in, and state reporting of vaccinations in the most user-friendly ways possible. Please visit us at https://signetic.com to learn more about how we can help you vaccinate more people faster.

Client Program Enrollment

This project was for a non-profit organization where they enroll clients into their programs. For being eligible to be enrolled you need to go through different stages of assessment like checking their household, programs they want to enroll in, their monthly finances, applicants for the grants etc. Based on the data that is provided the organization would enroll the people to their program.

Flow of Client Enrollment App

Seattle Visiting Nurses Association (SVNA) transforms vaccine delivery process using Microsoft Power Platform

Utilizing Microsoft Dataverse, Power Apps and Power Automate, SVNA and my team at Signetic were able to develop a solution in an incredible turnaround of just 8 weeks. The solution was used by patients, nursing staff and admin staff to safely deliver flu vaccinations. It has allowed SVNA to not only safely return to administering flu vaccinations, but to increase their vaccination output from an average of 40,000 patients per year to 60,000 in 2020, despite the year’s challenges.

Seattle Visiting Nurses Association (SVNA) transforms vaccine delivery process using Microsoft Power Platform | Microsoft Power Apps

Hopelink Auditing App

Hopelink is a nonprofit in the Seattle area. Low-income folks can use their service to acquire transportation to medical appointments. Hopelink hired my team to automate their driver inspection procedure.

A significant increase in operational efficiency, increased control over the driver and vehicle inspection process, and real-time process auditing were all made possible by Hopelink’s new mobile application. Our client was able to use a new mobile-enabled platform that decreased their data-entry input hours as well as their auditing hours by at least 5 to 10 hours per week thanks to Leapfrog’s expertise in Powerapps and digital transformation. This created a high performance path that was essential to the transportation program’s success.

Model Driven app of vehicle auditing app of hopelink
A sample of the final Powerapps solution showing the service partners in the Hopelink system. 

Leave Management App

This leave management application developed in Power Platform helps in applying for leave application with approval from supervisor along with the workflow to support working from remote locations request. It helps employees and HR must be able to work together and able to submit requests from any location, and supervisors must approve requests from any location.

A capture of leave management app for seattle app lab