Hopelink Auditing App

Hopelink is a nonprofit in the Seattle area. Low-income folks can use their service to acquire transportation to medical appointments. Hopelink hired my team to automate their driver inspection procedure.

A significant increase in operational efficiency, increased control over the driver and vehicle inspection process, and real-time process auditing were all made possible by Hopelink’s new mobile application. Our client was able to use a new mobile-enabled platform that decreased their data-entry input hours as well as their auditing hours by at least 5 to 10 hours per week thanks to Leapfrog’s expertise in Powerapps and digital transformation. This created a high performance path that was essential to the transportation program’s success.

Model Driven app of vehicle auditing app of hopelink
A sample of the final Powerapps solution showing the service partners in the Hopelink system.